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The U.S. Ranks 37th in the World in Math 


*The U.S. is the only country in the world that does not celebrate algebra. Other countries understand that algebra is the key to the jobs of the future and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Parents read to their kids but few parents "math" with their kids.

Very few people (including parents and teachers) know that math scores in kindergarten are the

number one predictor of all future academic success.

Many parents tell their kids that they (the parents) stink (suck) at math, making it seem to be unimportant to learn.

Did you know that millions of kids in this country get tutored in math - especially in elementary school?

How many kids do you suppose get reading tutoring?

Do you think the reason we don't need reading tutors is that parents and teachers are already teaching reading?

Do you read with your kids?

Do most teachers think they are good at math?

Do teachers read for fun at school? Do you think they do math for fun at school?

Do you think teachers in education schools have a good training in math when they attend college education schools?

Have you ever heard a parent say that they do not have the math gene? Have you ever heard a parent say that they do not have the reading gene?

Have you ever wondered why we keep rolling out math initiatives even though they keep failing?

Do you think preschool teachers teach math? Should they?

Does your family play math games together - like Rummicub and Dominos?

Do you think girls are better at math than boys?

What if :

1.Education Schools raised their standards for entrance into their schools?

2. Colleges required education students to take a minimum of four math classes.

3. Every all students were required to work with a mentor (in addition to the student teaching teacher) for one year.

4. Teachers were given ongoing professional development for as long as they were teaching?

5. Parents of the future felt a responsibility to "math" with their kids just like they read with their kids?

6. What if everyone in the U.S. stopped saying that they "suck" at math?

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